Magical Girl Problems

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Last year for my creative writing class, I wrote a short story about a world in which clowns were actually a vaguely humanoid and dangerous animal captured in the wild and trained for carnivals. They also asexually reproduced at a catastrophic rate, so if one escaped (as it did in the story), the area would be overrun by them within months.

My partner decided to make a sculpey model of one of the clown larva. They’re pretty gross, and are usually found in massive swarms.

I thought this was appropriate for Sixpenceee’s Halloween Special, so here you go!


Interviewer: “Why did you kill him?”

Jeffrey Dahmer: “He wanted to leave.”


kuroko no basuke is the epitome of sports anime. and by that i mean


it has every trope in the book


if the first shot of your male main character involves him in bed with a naked woman he just had a one night stand with who’ll probably not have any lines (unless it’s to compliment the man) and who in all likelihood will never reappear in the story, all in an effort to make your male character seem “cool but emotionally distant/fragile” 

1. i already hate him 

2. i already hate you